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This directory contains binary builds published by the Osmocom project.

e1-tracer		Firmware for the ICE40 based E1 passive tracer
icE1usb			Firmware for the icE1usb E1 USB interface
ice40-usbtrace		Firmware for the iCE40 based USB passive tracer
libfftranscode		Binary packages of a proprietary ASN.1 transcoding lib
no2bootloader		Firmware for the nitro2 ICE40 bootloader
osmo-asf-dfu		DFU bootlodaer for Atmel ASF projects like sysmoOCTSIM
osmo-ccid-firmware	USB CCID firmware for boards like sysmoOCTSIM
osmo-opencm3-projects	Firmware for RF dual step attenuator + relay driver
simtrace2		Firmware for SIMtrace2 device
windows			Windows builds of rtl-sdr and osmo-fl2k
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